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Whatever you want to call it, Lithographic, Litho, Offset or Lithography – this process is the most commonly used ‘traditional’ printing method in use today.

Litho printing stands out for its exceptional quality, precise colour accuracy, and impressive production speeds.

At McCormick's, we've harnessed this efficient production technique for medium to larger print volumes, providing our clients with cost-effective solutions without compromising on the superior results litho printing offers. However, every project is unique, and we understand that litho printing might not always be the perfect fit, particularly for very low volume production runs. Why? Because there are certain fixed 'set up' costs associated with litho printing. While these costs become almost negligible as volumes grow, they can be a bit steep for short print runs.

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Tailoring the Printing Process to Your Needs

Don't worry if your project falls into the lower volume category. At McCormick's, we have the solution for you! We seamlessly transition to digital production methods, which are virtually devoid of fixed 'set up' costs, providing an efficient alternative for low volume print runs. Choosing the best method for your project can be complex, with variables like material specifications, delivery timescales, number of pages, physical sheet size, and more to consider. But here's the good news: You don't have to navigate these decisions alone.

Trust in McCormick's Expertise

You can rest assured that our experienced team at McCormick's will match your requirements to the most suitable production methods. With many years of experience and an unbeaten track record for great service, we're committed to ensuring 100% satisfaction. From high-volume magazines to small-scale digital projects, we've seen it all and done it all, and we take pride in ensuring our clients are delighted with the printing work we undertake for them.

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Interested in discussing your litho print project? We're just a call away. Reach McCormick Print & Promotion on 0141 639 6556, or simply send us an email or fill out our Online Enquiry Form. We're eager to bring your ideas to life and show you the magic of litho printing firsthand.