Digital Printing has slowly but surely over a number of years improved to become a main stream production process option used by todays professional print community.

Technically it differs from traditional print methods, such as litho, by printing directly onto the paper substrate and therefore avoiding the use of metal plates to transfer the printed image.

Digital production print technology continues to evolve quickly and offers a few advantages over traditional print processes including:-

• Low economic print volumes
• Quality that is comparable to traditional print
• Quick production timescales
• Processing of variable data and images while printing

McCormicks Print and Promotion

At McCormick’s we commonly use digital printing for certain orders and the specific production process used is not really anything that clients should necessarily be aware of. Suffice it to say that our staff at McCormick’s will match your requirements to the most suitable production methods to guarantee you 100% satisfaction.

Your Digital Printing Experts in Glasgow

McCormicks Print and Promotion

With many years of experience and an unbeaten track record for great service, we ensure that our clients are delighted with the printing work we undertake for them.

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